Ecclesia and Ethics: An Eco-friendly and Economically-feasible Online Biblical Studies and Theology Conference

Well, this looks very, very interesting.

N.T. Wright, Stanley Hauerwas, Michael Gorman, and Northeastern Seminary‘s very own newly appointed Professor of Biblical Studies, Nijay Gupta are among the presenters of this “eco-friendly and economically-feasible online biblical studies and theological conference.”

From the site:

Ecclesia and Ethics: An Eco-friendly and Economically-feasible Online Biblical Studies and Theology Conference is an academic and ecclesial conference taking place on Saturday May 18th and Saturday May 25th 2013 in real-time via the high-tech Webinar site No software will need to be purchased by presenters or attendees, and Webinar access is provided entirely for free due to a generous Capod Innovation Grant through the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Participants and attendees will be able to sign on, present, and listen to or watch presentations from anywhere in the world with reliable internet and a computer. Registration for the conference consists of a $10/£7 (minimum) donation to one of our Recommended Charities. We invite participants to give according to their means above the $10/£7 to one or more of our charities if they feel led and are able.

Main papers will be presented by our Main Speakers: N.T. Wright, Michael Gorman, Dennis Hollinger, Shane Claiborne, Stanley Hauerwas, Brian Rosner, Mariam Kamell, Nijay Gupta, Michael Barber, and Sungmin Min Chun. Additionally, we will have five Multiple Paper sessions throughout the conference, via five Virtual Rooms which will feature papers from a total of 20-25 selected papers. Interested parties are invited to submit an abstract to for consideration from January 2013-March 2013.

To whet your appetite, here is a video interview with N.T. Wright regarding his take on “Moral Formation, the relationship between the Church and the Academy, and the relationship between Theology and Exegesis.”

And here is an interview with Nijay Gupta, our newly installed Professor:

Looks promising, to say the least.

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New Creation: An Interdisciplinary Theology Conference at Northeastern Seminary

I am excited to announce that Northeastern Seminary has teamed up with the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association in order to bring about New Creation: An Interdisciplinary Theology Conference. The theme for the conference is taken from J. Richard Middleton’s newest book, A New Heaven and A New Earth: Reclaiming Biblical Eschatology and he will serve as the main presenter. Middleton is Northeastern’s Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis, a renown scholar, author of The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1, and co-author of both The Transforming Vision: Shaping A Christian Worldview  and Truth is Stranger Than It Used to Be: Biblical Faith in a Postmodern Age with Brian Walsh [He can be seen here, here, and here discussing a theology of place].

The call is now out for papers centering on the theme of new creation:

This Call for Papers goes out to established scholars or practitioners in the theological disciplines, as well as to graduate students, post-docs, and pre-tenured faculty.

We encourage submission of high quality papers on any topic of theological relevance to the broad theme of “New Creation.” Papers should be scholarly but not highly specialized presentations of about 25 minutes, aimed at an audience of students, pastors, and faculty from across the spectrum of theological disciplines. We are interpreting theology to include biblical studies; theological readings of Scripture; historical, systematic, philosophical, moral, and pastoral theology; theology that engages culture, the church, other academic disciplines, etc.

Proposals should be approximately 250 words in length and should be accompanied by a short CV. To facilitate anonymous review of proposals, please include your name, paper title, institutional affiliation, and contact information on a separate page from your paper proposal.

Read the rest here.

I am seriously contemplating writing a paper on a theology of place using the likes of Wendell Berry, Craig Bartholomew, and Norman Wirzba. We’ll see.

Regardless if you write or not, I highly suggest you make plans to be there for this gathering. It’s on a Saturday and it is one day. Nothing should be stopping you. I hope to see you then.