Bruce Waltke, Evolution, and the Current Status of Christian Belief

In case you hadn’t heard, Bruce Waltke, renown Old Testament scholar of the highest caliber, has caused quite an uproar in both conservative Christian academia and the American conservative scene in general. The gist of the story is as follows: Waltke made a video for the Biologos Foundation in which he stated his opinion on the receptivity of evolutionary thought by Christians. He said it was necessary for Christian thought, lest it become another cult in the world, biased by its own beliefs and condemning all scientific matters to hearsay. Fast forward a week or so and the seminary where he taught reports his “retirement” from their ranks. Within a matter of days, the blogosphere and other Christian media are abuzz with the “scandalous” events; some outraged by the “heresy” of Waltke, others with the ever-tightening reins of conservative Christianity, especially within the academic realms.

Several scholars have weighed in on the situation: Michael Bird, the website Inside Higher Education,and Scot McKnight’s blog Jesus Creed, just to mention a few. I’m sure if you Googled “Bruce Waltke” with evolution in there somehow, I’m sure you’d get more.

Well now the story has gone national with ABC News. Here you can find a video with both sides of the equation (conservative and moderate) weighing in.

I think either way Christians move thinking through this dilemma is positive. Where does our view on creation come from? How do we examine the biblical material in light of scientific findings? Is there a difference between evolution and evolutionism? How about between creation and creationism? The list could continue but I think these are valid questions to ponder as we seek to honor and love God with all our minds.