Josh Garrels’ Collection of Albums for Free

I currently have Josh GarrelsLove & War & The Sea In Between and Love & War: B-Sides and Remixes EP. They are collections of some of the best music I have in my possession. In fact, Christianity Today named Love & War & The Sea In Between as their pick for Album of the Year back in 2011. He gave that album away for free for a year and now he’s doing it with his most current 5 albums for 2 weeks.

They – including the two mentioned above – are all free over at NoiseTrade and any tips will be given to World Relief. From the site:

This free catalog of music is given as a gift, but 100% of the tips received for any and all of the 5 albums will be given to World Relief and their courageous work in Congo. Congo is currently the most unstable, violent, and impoverished country in the world, with thousands displaced due to warring factions and a majority of the women suffering from gender based violence. Please consider leaving a tip, and in so doing, becoming a partner in the work for restoration in Congo. Thanks.

Go and get them while you can. You will not regret it!

Please share the goodness.


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