“God is not a workaholic.” – Walter Brueggemann on Sabbath (and Empire): Day 18 of Lent

My friends over at The Englewood Review of Books posted the following videos featuring renowned theologian and biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann. They are taken from The Episcopal Church of The Redeemer in Cincinnati for a series they are doing on Lent. In an effort to spread the goodness, I am posting there here as well.

As his normal self, Brueggemann is brilliant in these lectures/discussions on what Sabbath was and did in the context of Israel being in exile under the oppressive rule of differing – and yet stunningly similar – empires. Interspersed along the way, he brings to our attention what life might look like as subversive communities living within the Empire of our current age.

How do consumerism and productivism shape our identity – both communal and individual?

What does Sabbath have to do with the self, justice, and poverty?

How might we actually embody practices of economic subversion in our imaging of God?

This is eye-opening and challenging stuff. Watch, wrestle, and talk about it with your faith community. (There will be a Part 2 so check back in for that in a few weeks.)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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