“This is Discipling” (video)

If you watch one video on here, please watch this one. This resonates with me on many levels. I won’t say much, just this: the content of this video is what is needed.



3 thoughts on ““This is Discipling” (video)

  1. This is great – love it! The only thing that I didn’t like (not a huge thing, and might make sense contextually with the creators of the video even if it doesn’t for me) was the USA-centric “launch” (just after the 1:00 mark) that ignites the church around the world. I think the church in the US has huge potential for the world, but should do so with more of a posture of humility when it comes to the global church that we’ve been known to do in the past.

    but, great stuff – thanks for passing this on!

  2. Dave! Great catch on the USA-centricity of the “launch” part. I didn’t catch that at first, but I think you’re right on the contextual piece. Regardless, you’re right on the posture of humility needed from the Church here in America. Thanks for the comment.
    BTW, I listened to your interview with Dallas Willard. Great stuff.

  3. Few thoughts of mine…I did not notice the US to the world either.

    I was driving into starbucks about a month ago. Pass a man in a parking lot looked at him him looking at me. The were at least three spots almost in order. I parked. He parked. Little to my knowledge he wanted the spot I chose. We got out of our cars. We walked I said hey hello. He asked me if I was a republican. I said I dont know. He started to swear, with a british accent saying that I am an american and we all think about ourselves. He continued to call me selfish with some other words. I replyed in shock I am very selfish. We continue to walk into starbucks I ask him if I can pay for his drink. He says no. Then I asked him if I could make amends to him in some way. He looks at me because he is familiar with the Alcoholics Anonymous I guess wording. Looks at me kindly and said you just did.

    My thought is something like starting at home. Scott you are doing something grass roots special with your discipleship group. My word for you is build here in your circle. It ll get bigger and then we can launch and see the world not only look at American better, but also look on the God we supposedly tell the world we are all about. Peace and love

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