Epic Fail Pastors Conference

Last May I had the privilege of attending the Ecclesia Network‘s church planting training. While there I met J.R. Briggs, one of the pastors within the network. He pastors Renew Community in Lansdale, PA, which is just outside of Philly.

J.R. recently posted the fruition of an idea that had been brewing inside of him. The conference landscape in the U.S. is littered with gathering after gathering of “famous” pastors who have “successfully” planted churches or turned their living room Bible studies into their current multiple of thousands congregation. It’s what Ed Stetzer has called “ministry pornography”: hyped up situations that rarely, if ever, actually occur, but make you think that they do.

To help balance out the situation, J.R. has conjured up the resources for the Epic Fail Pastors’ Conference happening this April. The website has all the relevant info. If you’re like me and would like to be part of something that is refreshing and seemingly more realistic, think about attending this conference. If you want some more of the background, check out J.R.’s blog post here. I have a hunch this will be well worth attending.


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