Occupational Hazards: Transfers and Mission



Life has been rather chaotic as of late. Not in a bad way, but rather just new things, people, and places. If you don’t know I work as a Special Education Teaching Assistant. I began this year in one school building, spent a few weeks there, was transferred to another building for a few weeks, and then transferred again to another school for a few weeks. I’m not back at my original school and have definitely benefited from being moved around.

The reason I’ve had to move from building to building is the need of particular students that weren’t being met. There is a great amount of need within the student body and, due to budget crunches, a lower amount of staff this year. It will probably be a crazy year trying to plug holes and fill in gaps where needed as things continue to fall into place. I’m happy to move around because it means that I have a job. And having a job means a paycheck and insurance. But I digress.

Today the teacher I work under made a very interesting statement that got me thinking. When I left this building several weeks ago those I work with weren’t too happy because of the team dynamics. Those whom I worked with at the second building likewise tried to keep me because of how well things were working. Again, the same at my third building. This isn’t to pay my own back, honestly. (I think the lack of staff is a more prominent need.)

So today my co-worker made this statement: “The can’t keep bouncing you everywhere to fill in. What they need to do is train people to work like you and they’ll be fine.” It didn’t hit me until I was at home, but isn’t this the perfect picture for mission and discipleship? We can’t be at every place at every time and therefore need to make disciples of people. We aren’t (and believe me, I’m not the epitome of what a TA should be) making mini-me’s of ourselves, but rather we are making people more like Jesus as he is making us more like himself. And what does this truly mean? It means that Jesus is making us more like the humans we are supposed to be. He is making us truly human. And then after we catch a glimpse of what this means, we go out and try and do the same for others. Replication through transformation is part of our mission.

Any other thoughts that you see from the statement above?


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