Weekly Perusal

Here is a quick list of stuff you should check out:

1. Steve Evans’ “Spiritual Lessons from Unemployment”. Steve gives us a reality check on life and the provision of God.

2. Ever wish you could hear a debate on the historical reliability of the Bible, especially the New Testament and its gospels, from two top scholars? Wish no more. Here is Bart Ehrman and Craig Evans debating on video. Enjoy.

3. A good summary and theorizing on the latest episode of LOST. Yes, I am that into it.

4. Old Testament prof John Walton on “Understanding Genesis” from the BioLogos site.

5. J. Richard Middleton is a prof at Roberts Wesleyan and Northeastern Seminary, where I did my Masters, and wrote an article on the the new heaven and new earth. Read it, but beware, it may just change your concept of heaven and the afterlife. It did mine.

6. I love this Jars of Clay song, “Oh My God.” The video isn’t their “official” one, but the visuals in it are pretty decent. Listen carefully to the lyrics paired with the rising intensity of the music; it gets me every time. The world needs healing.

7. If you haven’t ever heard of NoiseTrade, it is a website where you can get some free tunes. There is also the option of tipping the artists to support their artistic ventures, if you so desire. If I were you, I’d get the newest album by Derek Webb, Stockholm Syndrome. You won’t regret it.


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